Cramped, are we not?

The Tacloban City Jail-Male Dormitory has been, and per statistics, will continue to be, the largest in BJMP-RO8 in terms of the number of Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) in its custody. In the immediately preceding year, it recorded an average increase in PDL population of 2.1% per month. Despite the average monthly increase in PDL population of...
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Pearly White Teeth PsDL… Seriously?

 It was a rainy morning on February 7, 2018 when suddenly, I was roused from my reverie by all the stirring at the main gate. I stood up from where I was seating to peek at the excitement. I saw a crowd of blond people by the gate stooping and trying to pick up heavy big boxes full to the rim. The Duty on Post was talking to them, arms flailin...
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Preventive Imprisonment And Detention FAQ's

Q.1) When is there preventive imprisonment? A.1) There is preventive imprisonment when an offender is detained while the criminal case against him is being heard, either because the crime committed is a capital offense and not bailable, or even if the crime committed was bailable, the offender could not post the required bail for his provisional li...
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Catarman DJ 22nd NACOCOW Celebration

Catarman DJ 22nd NACOCOW Celebration
National Correctional Consciousness Week (NaCoCoW) is now on its 22nd year. This event draws interest from the residents and personnel alike, such that everybody in a jail unit awaits its annual celebration. This event likewise seeks to provide leeway, more on the part of the residents, as it encourages cooperation, genuflection, awareness of relev...
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Glimpse Of The Past... An Introspect

Time soars really fast! I could hardly believe that it has been 20 years now, since I set my foot in the portals of my beloved BJMP. I barely noticed that I am already this old. I had been trying to hang on to my 30's and quite successful except that my knees and joints constantly remind me now that I am no longer not. Then one day, there it was, a...
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Supreme Court Decision Digest: G.R. No. 200087, Oct 12, 2016

As a guide while we are conducting our routinary work at our respective jails, particularly to those assigned as visitors/gate searchers, cited below is a digested Supreme Court recent decision. This may of help in our sustained campaign against proliferation of illegal drugs in our jail facilities; G.R. No. 200087, October 12, 2016 YOLANDA LUY Y G...
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BJMP Region VIII in its 26 Years of Public Service

It has been a long journey, but the bureau remains steadfast amidst challenges. Jail management has never been any easy, requiring several manpower in upholding its mandate. Thanks to all those who made our Bureau sustainable and renewed thru time. The journey may not be easy, but it's what has made the Bureau firm and dynamic to current trends of ...
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Safekeepers At Play

One manpracticing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching. Knute Rockne  At dawn break of August 01, as the ray of light from the mightiest star began to seep into the City that was still enveloped with darkness, twenty-two (22) jail officer bike riders who wishfully be called themselves as "BJMP 8 Safekeepers " led by J/SUPT RILL ...
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CSC’s R.A.C.E. To Serve Fun Run

"On your mark, get set, run!" For centuries man has been running competitively. The sport has been around as long as any other, and has evolved over time. It is arguably one of the most popular sports these days however, having fun while running is another story. It has evolved in many variations, and each variation has remained as one of the best ...
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A New Home For BJMP Regional Office 8

Something to call your own matters a lot. It gives you the rights and privileges to freely innovate and develop a property, unrestricted by other parties. Knowing that its finally your own, adds sense of security and comfort of its discretion. Finally, the BJMP Regional Office VIII has something new to call its own place. A home where all jail oper...
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They Got Hitched!

Marriage, a special contract of permanent union between a man and a woman entered into in accordance with law for the establishment of conjugal and family life; a commitment to live together as husband and wife in sickness and in health, to observe mutual love, respect and fidelity, and, to render mutual help and support. It was in this premise (ho...
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Laoang MJ: Significant In Bringing A 100% TCMP-Implementing Region

 The caption may sound ironic as the unit is assumed to be the most piteous one in the region and to consider it significant would be contrary to the existing norms and beyond human experience. Nonetheless, were it not for the Therapeutic Community and Modality Program (TCMP) in Laoang MJ, the entire region would not have attained a 100% TCMP ...
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1st BJMPROVIII Regional Director’s Cup

A Shoot For A Cause The BJMP ROVIII Family embarked on an unconventional journey with the golden hearted gun enthusiasts in the region. For the first time a shoot for a cause event was realized last April 29 & 30, 2017. It was purposely organized to aid financially the various Inmate Welfare and Development Programs region-wide at the same time...
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Feb-Ibig Wins at Burauen District Jail

Valentine's Day Celebration
In the celebration of love this month of February, several line of activities had been conducted simultaneously to all BJMP manned jails. I have witnessed a lot being posted to social media how our residents had been given the opportunity to express in different ways their love to their loved ones and the personnel manning them. Truly, love is in t...
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Archbishop John Du Touches The Hearts of Ormoc CJ Residents

SHEPHERD AND FLOCK . The Archbishop of Palo, Most Reverend John F. Du, DD celebrated the Holy Eucharist inside the Ormoc City Jail – Male Dorm last December 28, 2016, as part of the Inmates Christmas Party. This activity was organized by the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, Commission on Social Action and Prison Ministry, with the theme; "IKAW, AKO, KIT...
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Chief BJMP visits Region 8

Last October 19 & 20, 2016, the BJMP Region VIII was visited by the Chief BJMP himself, J/DIR SERAFIN P BARRETTO JR. Morning in the 19 th of October, 2016, J/DIR SERAFIN P BARRETTO JR., arrived at the DZR Airport San Jose Tacloban City where he was welcomed by J/SSUPT EFREN A NEMENO, Regional Director, together with his staff and personnel. He ...
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25th BJMP Regional Office VIII Anniversary Celebration

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Regional Office VIII celebrated its 25th Anniversary last August 18, 2016 with this years' theme "BJMP @ 25: Husay at Propesyonalismo, Tumutugon sa Hamon ng Pagbabago". The celebration was held at the PNP Regional Office 8 Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Palo, Leyte with J/CSUPT EMMANUEL T SICIO, as the Guest of Ho...
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Till We Meet Again…

What the caterpillar calls the End of the world, the Master calls a butterfly. - Richard Bach Death, the inevitable yet mysterious occurrence of our lives. With different kinds of causes, but brings the same effect to everyone, especially to a loved one. Painful. Sometimes, unacceptable. As a child, as young as 6-year old, I had experienced death o...
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