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Jail Officers thoughts, ideas and imaginations shared and expressed thru writing.

BJMP Region VIII in its 26 Years of Public Service

It has been a long journey, but the bureau remains steadfast amidst challenges. Jail management has never been any easy, requiring several manpower in upholding its mandate. Thanks to all those who made our Bureau sustainable and renewed thru time. The journey may not be easy, but it's what has made the Bureau firm and dynamic to current trends of ...
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A New Home For BJMP Regional Office 8

Something to call your own matters a lot. It gives you the rights and privileges to freely innovate and develop a property, unrestricted by other parties. Knowing that its finally your own, adds sense of security and comfort of its discretion. Finally, the BJMP Regional Office VIII has something new to call its own place. A home where all jail oper...
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Feb-Ibig Wins at Burauen District Jail

Valentine's Day Celebration
In the celebration of love this month of February, several line of activities had been conducted simultaneously to all BJMP manned jails. I have witnessed a lot being posted to social media how our residents had been given the opportunity to express in different ways their love to their loved ones and the personnel manning them. Truly, love is in t...
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