Jailers In Pens

Jail Officers thoughts, ideas and imaginations shared and expressed thru writing.

Safekeepers At Play

One manpracticing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching. Knute Rockne  At dawn break of August 01, as the ray of light from the mightiest star began to seep into the City that was still enveloped with darkness, twenty-two (22) jail officer bike riders who wishfully be called themselves as "BJMP 8 Safekeepers " led by J/SUPT RILL ...
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CSC’s R.A.C.E. To Serve Fun Run

"On your mark, get set, run!" For centuries man has been running competitively. The sport has been around as long as any other, and has evolved over time. It is arguably one of the most popular sports these days however, having fun while running is another story. It has evolved in many variations, and each variation has remained as one of the best ...
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1st BJMPROVIII Regional Director’s Cup

A Shoot For A Cause The BJMP ROVIII Family embarked on an unconventional journey with the golden hearted gun enthusiasts in the region. For the first time a shoot for a cause event was realized last April 29 & 30, 2017. It was purposely organized to aid financially the various Inmate Welfare and Development Programs region-wide at the same time...
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