Pearly White Teeth PsDL… Seriously?

 It was a rainy morning on February 7, 2018 when suddenly, I was roused from my reverie by all the stirring at the main gate. I stood up from where I was seating to peek at the excitement. I saw a crowd of blond people by the gate stooping and trying to pick up heavy big boxes full to the rim. The Duty on Post was talking to them, arms flailin...
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Glimpse Of The Past... An Introspect

Time soars really fast! I could hardly believe that it has been 20 years now, since I set my foot in the portals of my beloved BJMP. I barely noticed that I am already this old. I had been trying to hang on to my 30's and quite successful except that my knees and joints constantly remind me now that I am no longer not. Then one day, there it was, a...
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