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CATARMAN DJ: Haven Of Fun, Built By Discipline & Sacrifices; Founded On Safekeeping & Development

Catarman DJ Personnel
The conventional impression that "jails are where the wicked becomes more and the meek becomes wicked" can now be rebutted against with the advent of professionalized jail management, particularly the BJMP, and especially the Catarman DJ.

Founded on its two-pronged mandate of safekeeping and development, Catarman DJ has morphed into an institution where fun is constant among its men and the persons deprived of liberty (PDL) alike; with selfless sacrifices and instilled discipline, taking into account the security and safety as well as worthwhile transformative endeavors intended to prepare the PDL to their eventual integration to the society upon their release.

In construing the word "fun," let us confine to a categorical, rather than literal, understanding. While it may true that by literally understanding the word, we mean frolic and merriment, it is, however, a word that entails worthwhile encumbrances and needs to be worked for in order to deserve it. Say it differently, no "fun" can just be enjoyed by anyone without rendition of efforts commensurate to what he ought to entitle. Thus, selfless sacrifice, not just sacrifice per se, plays a significant role.

To correlate this aphorisms with the situation Catarman DJ has at present, supporting it with demonstration, that is, reinforcing with factual accomplishments is necessary. Catarman DJ ensures that policies relative to the aforementioned mandates are consistently implemented and complied with. Among others, heightened security both in custodial and escorting duties, regardless of whatever alert status the higher authorities may declare, let alone exigency of service, is extant; linkages with the LGU, other law enforcement units and agencies are sought; community engagement in the campaign against illegal drugs and involvement in activities of whatever concerns even if it will mean deprivation of an already limited family time are given due course; Management Screening and Evaluation Committee (MSEC) deliberations, paralegal works as well as other efforts sought to grant Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA), Time Allowance for Studying, Teaching and Mentoring (TASTM) and Special Time Allowance (STAL) to expedite legal releases in compliance with law and the decongestion program of the BJMP are conducted; nursing and hands-on caring to those who may be suffering from ailments are readily available; similar endeavors sought to address the necessities of its clientele are prioritized more than self-interests; efforts to developing skills and showcasing of potentials among PDL are included; firearm proficiency, repairs of the facility, dry run of Oplans, and preparation of human capability geared toward prevention, if not avoidance, of loss of lives and limbs resultant of untoward occurrences, whether force majeure or fortuitous events, are instinctively undertaken even with meager resources on hand; molding and imparting salient and fundamental tenets to students who are intending to join the uniformed service by giving lectures, drills, and evaluation; reformative and developmental actions, educational, religious, and recreational programs to PDL are faithfully implemented; and other matters with an end in view of providing everyone humane treatment and thereby establishing an institution worthy to be called a haven of fun while awaiting their fate or fortune. These and all are what made our selfless sacrifices paid off.

Discipline is an all-encompassing attribute and the absence of which in a uniformed personnel will likely lose his credence. It is in this premise that in undertaking the foregoing endeavors, the exercise of discipline takes precedence over the others, for without which, no tangible results and decisive actions will be arrived at. In the plain and unequivocal language of the U. S. President George Washington: "Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all," it depicts how Catarman DJ is administered through collective and participative management, that is, the authority of the warden to solely decide on matters that appear to him as beneficial to the entirety of the unit does not militate against cooperation and does not divest his men the privilege to supply ideas on how to cope with issues so that the benefits would actually redound to where they may be due, and to a larger extent rather than to only limited few. And these are met notwithstanding the number of personnel presently running the facility. It is indubitable that due to the insufficient number of BJMP personnel nationwide, every jail unit experiences skewed ideal ratio in the custodial and escorting services. But this fact, however, shall not be made as an excuse to perfunctorily exercise our avowed duty. Instead, we shall endeavor to advance our cause by creating an avenue of change, development, and sense of belongingness to the end that this unwarranted deficiency be effectively addressed upon. And only through discipline that a lesser number can do a greater good.

These intertwined virtues of sacrifice and discipline rest upon the bedrock of safekeeping and development. Coincidentally, the consequences of these mandates even extend to those who may not be the intended persons or entities; and due recognition of the unit as an integral part of a whole, performing the mandates with utmost professionalism and undoubted camaraderie, is all that its personnel reaps.

From this façade, it is noteworthy that a jail that is once condemned by many can transform into a haven of fun even for tomorrow if we start moving today; an institution known as wicked before may let go of its impression and pursue the worse no more; a cell that is once a place of screams, can now stand as an avenue to build their dreams; and the managers who were then arrogant and incompetent, are now suited and fit, if not omniscient.

Cramped, are we not?
Pearly White Teeth PsDL… Seriously?

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