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Laoang MJ: Significant In Bringing A 100% TCMP-Implementing Region


 The caption may sound ironic as the unit is assumed to be the most piteous one in the region and to consider it significant would be contrary to the existing norms and beyond human experience. Nonetheless, were it not for the Therapeutic Community and Modality Program (TCMP) in Laoang MJ, the entire region would not have attained a 100% TCMP adherence; and that is what the word "significance" would try to portray, TCMP being one of the programs which the Bureau seeks to implement.

On the 22nd until the 25th of May 2017, the Regional TCMP Team headed by J/SSUPT EDWIN B RIEL, DSC, the Regional Director of RBJMP8, arrived at the unit to initiate the program. With him are J/SUPT ELMER JOSUE TUMAMAK, the Regional Chaplain, SJO3 Wilma B Baquilod, JO2 Sandra Luangco, JO1 Queennie B Palomares, JO1 Madelyn Mas, and JO1 Zeffireli Leona.

As expected, the program yielded an overwhelming positive result based on the praises and affirmative reactions from both the personnel and the residents of the unit. It is evident from the appearances of the participants that indeed, the program is working well. During its conduct, the effect of the program to the participants is clear than apparent; an indication that need not be expounded as it is self-explanatory, and to speak more of it would only result to redundancy or superfluousness.

During the culmination of the program, visitors in the persons of the Hon. Mayor HECTOR L. ONG; the Hon. Vice Mayor, ATTY. MIGUEL L. SARMIENTO; the COP of Laoang PNP, P/SUPT RICARDO B INOT; and former SB Member FREDDIE BALUYOT, surprisingly graced the affair. It is a situation which is devoid of the unit's history because it is the first time, since the Laoang MJ was established in 1992, that its activity is well-attended. And it is fair to assume that the unit is doing its share in establishing links with other government agencies, i.e., the local government unit and the PNP of Laoang.

The long existence of the Laoang MJ, although already marked by an impression of peaceful and orderly jail management, has considered TCMP a breakthrough to bolster discipline and values to the residents, much more, to the personnel of the unit. It augmented the residents' high spirits and reinforced their hopes that someday, somehow, they will be welcomed into the mainstream of society upon their release. The program likewise improved the relationship between the personnel and the residents thereby granting the latter privileges regularly, subject to security concerns or breach of policies, of course.

As of this writing, TCMP is consistently undertaken by this unit thrice a week, that is, during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Commensurate to the positive attitude displayed by the residents, worthwhile activities beside what were regularly granted are also provided to the residents so long as they do not infringe upon the Bureau's policies or jeopardize security. With these and more, Laoang MJ hopes to perpetuate the program with an end in view of preserving its avowed mandate: Safekeeping and Development.

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