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New Aspiring BJMP K-9

bjmp-k9 BJMP K9

Dogs or canines are the friendliest among all the animal in this planet, as what it claims to be the man's bestfriend. There is this saying that, "Magtiwala ka nalang sa aso, wag sa tao." which sometimes I do believe in a way that the trust in your pet is genuine as they trust in you. They got this instinct that if your dog doesn't like someone, better believe them and probably you shouldn't too. These furry four-legged are loyal, in fact they are the most loyal to you and they will do anything to make you happy, be it a large breed or the small one.

Most of us getting dumbfounded when they do tricks, often we saw it on TV and now, a lot of videos on social media. For that, many of us wants to go find newborn puppies and adopt one. But the question is, are you ready to become a furparent? Getting a furbaby is not just because you wanted to, but must be responsible enough, because they are too sensitive to raise especially when they are in their 1st quarter. You must have a comfortable space, enough food or milk, vitamins, and regular vet visit. And the most important thing is, you should have time for them, play with them.

Magtiwala ka nalang sa aso, wag sa tao.

Canines do love to play around; they love to do tricks for you. But how? Well, there are methods that you must consider in order to make them do what you want them to do and that's what you called "the drives". The play drive is the most common in training by the use of a ball, most dogs do love how you play ball with them, they turned nuts chasing ball and in return they do whatever you want just for the ball. Second is the food drive, which basically the most effective way to train your four-legged pet especially in there starved time, they are more focus when it comes to food treat. Lastly, the praise drive, where you get to praise your pet whenever they obey you, they love being praise by rubbing their head or chin and the middle body part. They do love your voice, every time they get to hear you is like music to their ear.

As of this writing, I handle one female canine, I named her Smile. She's so adorable, pure Belgian Malinois breed, born on the 7th of November 2017, daughter of BJMP K-9 Kelly and K-9 Terex. I remember that day when I'm about to pick one out of five healthy puppies, Smile is the most active, and the most responding among her siblings. Today, both of us find some time to play and do some tricks. Making them do tricks is also what they love. I am teaching her the basic obedience, and she keeps a good progress. By then, my plan for her is to be a narcotic dog, as what the Bureau's prone in jail contrabands. She will be a big help in the future time, not just a bestfriend but a service for a safer nation.

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