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Exploring Limasawa Island: Team Building With A Purpose


It's always a logic that Team Building Activity is intended for unloading personal and work related stress. But this time, the TBA of BJMP Region 8 is beyond that, and I'll tell you later.

We gathered ourselves last 24 May 2018 at around four in the morning, eagerly waiting for our long trip. It was exciting for we laid our expectations to adventures awaiting. It was a blistering morning as we arrived by the sea port of Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte bound for the historical Limasawa Island. Some are returnees but mostly are first timers excitedly hoping that this day be a memorable one.

We first docked at Tilawi Beach Resort, and the name implies that we should first "tilaw" (a Waray-Waray term for taste) our first meal for the day. The tempting smell of the seafoods call our empty tummy filling our cravings while enjoying lunch at the white rock beach by the bay.

Then it's time to explore what Limasawa Island offers! A moment of trekking to its rocky landscape was quiet exhausting before we approached the Island Lagoon Resort, famous for its bluish water and cliff jumping for those adventurous travelers. The view was exquisite tempting us to explore more. Hence, we did not hesitate to exploit its wonders thru cliff jumping, swimming and some reached a nearby isolated floating cottage. Some mountain trekked at the famous lighthouse amazed by the stunning view of the island from above. It was an ecstatic view and definitely a must see and be revisited soon.

Sometimes the unplanned are the best!

We then went the opposite coast of the island at Eva Shore Resort owned by the generous municipal mayor of the island, Hon. Melchor P. Petracorta and we felt the heartily support and hospitality of the LGU. Luckily, we had the generous support of JO1 Alatraca, a resident of the island in ensuring our comfy stay. As the striking sunset sets in, the Hawaiian Luau (Hawaiian term for entertainment and party) started which ommenced with the Birthday Bash of May 2018 personnel celebrants. You should see their happy faces surprised by the unexpected island natal day celebration as they blew their cakes. Then the Hawaiian themed party started with thanksgiving and mouth watery meals. Coincidentally, the Honolulu Dancers from Hawaii per disclaimer (composed of female RO8 personnel), came to entertain the night with Hawaiian dance clad in their traditional Hawaiian dress.

Sometimes the unplanned are the best! And yes it was an entertaining night full of surprises as the instant Mr. and Ms. Limasawa Star of the Night emerged from unaware winners of Bring Me game. All six (6) instant candidates were shocked on the twist of fate and if they could only turn back time per se, they would. So the night was filled with fun as the candidates transform themselves to various segments required by the contests. It was fun and so unexpected that JORs and JNORs presented variety of talents to fill the gaps between segments. It turned out to be an instant variety show worth remembering and priceless.

The morning is set for the community, as Coastal Clean Up Activity started to give the island a fresh look for new explorers. All were eager to pick up trash on a half kilometer of beach coast spearheaded by the Regional Director of the Jail Bureau, J/SSUPT FELIXBERTO S JAGORIN JR. Then the gift giving and feeding program to locale kids and mothers were conducted distributing school supplies, hot soup and house dress (daster) c/o jail personnel heartily given blessings. Then, a lucky family supported by RD was given a television, school supplies and clothes whom the latter spent last Yuletide day. The activity lifts the heart of all personnel grateful enough seeing children receiving items needed for their schooling.

Afterwards, the team proceeded to the historical landmarks of the island learning the important historical events of Philippine Christianity where the island was the spot of the first holy mass in the country. In the afternoon, it's time to pack up things leaving the island with priceless memories surely to reminisce. It felt somehow melancholy upon leaving the island leaving an untold promise to set foot again in other privileged time. The adventure and tie we shared in two-day activity was worthwhile building a more welcoming ambiance upon return to work. Best experience was leaving the island with smiles and contentment of the Limasawa Island get away. 

Brigada Eskwela 2018
An Open Letter To All Women In The Society

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