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An Open Letter To All Women In The Society

Hey, Woman, You deserve a break to read this letter of something very important, I really need to follow this impulse to convey my message to women across the world. This message is meant to remind you of your true value and that you are special in so many ways.

The whole world is celebrating Women's Month, repeatedly reminding that women are such SUPER, MEGA SPECIAL. She is a mother, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a public servant, etc. all mold into one, SUPERWOMAN.

But, there is still more I want you to realize.

First, I want you to look back to our history, there were phenomenal women who never let circumstances to hold their dreams, and we could consider these women, brave and successful after working hard to guarantee that their dreams were not just dreams but reality. They had provided invaluable service to the country, some of these women have fought and bled for the love of the nation, and it's just sad that sometimes they were forgotten, I think they deserve some recognition.

The likes of Meriam Defensor Santiago are examples of one of the most popular and politically influential women in Philippine history. And Liza Maza who was then a member of the House of the Representative of the Philippines, who represents the Gabriella Women's party and has authored bills that were passed as laws which include Magna Carta of Women (RA 9710), Anti-Torture Law (RA 9745) and the Anti-Violence in Women and Children Act (RA 9262), which she co-authored. There are more several inspiring and empowered Filipino women who are famous worldwide for their achievement and extraordinary abilities and skills in different areas such as politics, beauty pageant, music and entertainment industry and many others.

Now, woman, do you believe that you are really special? Special, because as a woman, you have an enormous worth to boast about in the society, don't settle for less than what you deserve. Do not allow your exceptional talents to be suppressed down. Do not allow to be the second option. You have the power inside you to create a life, everything that your heart desires because you are capable of determining your future. You must rise above and become one of the most prominent in any field you are adept at.

It's about time to release yourself from the bondage and beliefs that you are weak. Women are extraordinary, be confident that you are because if you don't, you are likely to stay where you are and soon, you will regret that you are less than you are able to become. You must believe in yourself that you have the ability to contribute something to a better society.
Let me remind you, there are some women who started with less than you, who had gone through difficult situations to the extent that she almost gave up but didn't, instead faced all the trials, humiliation and parody to pave her way for a better life.

Women empowerment, is all around, in the advisories, preaches, journals, and household. There are so many ways a woman can outwork the male-controlled nature of society. In fact, those government policies/laws I mentioned above are meant for women and these policies are to liberate and strengthen women. Unfortunately, you need to work hard to take advantage of these policies.

The choice is yours, woman, you can either continue to play excuses and reasons for not aiming for the best, or you choose to surpass dominance. The battle is yours to risk. I know that the circumstances to find your worth maybe too hard, maybe too harsh as it sometimes distorting, doors of opportunities maybe tricky, you might be treated unfairly just because you are a woman. But like other women, they'd stayed focused and had outwork the competition, and look, the world recognized them and appreciated their excellence.

If you focused on your excellence, the doors that you fear to explore will eventually open widely for you. Finding excuses for not thriving for the best will make your whole life a big failure.

I told you, now is the time for you to shine woman! Be brave, stand out!

You are always more than enough. A woman is perfectly created by the universe both with abilities and imperfections, but despite that imperfections, you know in your inner core that you are connected to something with power and purpose, and that makes you extremely capable of carrying out the message of inspiration, filled with passion and gratefulness, brimming with love as lavish as you can give.

A woman, fit for the noblest use of tongue and pen, strong, firm and beautiful. You are!

It's me,
Strong Woman

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