Merriam- Webster defines HOPE as something to happen or to be true and think that it could happen or be true. For our PDL behind bars, is HOPE something they can have?  With this scheme, the Department of Education introduced to the jail-setting one of its innovative programs- the Alternative Learning System (ALS). Since then, thousands of Filipinos currently detained inside the jail are able to avail of free education thus improve themselves, make change for the better and look forward to a new life after their release.

The RBJMP8 gives priority to the educational program inside its facilities and to strengthen this, J/SSUPT FELIXBERTO S JAGORIN JR., Regional Director RBJMP8, was able to come up with the idea of utilizing our licensed teacher jail officers in the field, in the implementation of ALS to our Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL). In partnership with the Department of Education Regional Office VIII thru Mr Ramir Uytico, Officer- in- Charge, a signing of Memorandum of Agreement on the Project tagged as “JOTTED ALS” or Jail Officers Turned Teachers Training on the Emergency Delivery of the K to 12 Curriculum for the Alternative Learning System, pushed through last July 23, 2018. This capability training will equip our licensed teacher- jail officers who will serve as Instructional Managers (IMs) in the field, with the knowledge and skills needed for the implementation of the Alternative Learning System to our Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL). This supports the thrust of the present administration “accelerating human capital development through the implementation of inequality – reducing transformation”.

Surge of ALS takers and passers is anticipated in our jails. Through this, our licensed teacher jail officers play an important role in the redemption of those whose lives generally viewed to have been wasted.


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