Unbreakable Fortress

San Juanico Bridge with Cross overlay

It has long been proven that resilience lies in the very heart of our motherland, the Philippines.

Since time immemorial, Filipinos are known for their courage, bravery, and daunt. Our nation remained victorious in withstanding centuries-old colonization, worst economic crisis, tragedies, natural and man-made disasters, and several other trials which further strengthened the boldness we have within us.

More than seven years ago, I have never seen the unity and resilience of this nation to be as great as it did to the region where I grew-up Eastern Visayas. From nothing, everyone was able to stand with the courage that’s even greater than what they had. The unity and resilience shown by the Filipino people moved nations and touched the hearts of the people across the board. It only proved that not even the strongest typhoon that ever hit land, Yolanda, can break our solid fortress.

Today, our beloved nation is again facing another crisis that will mark the decade. The corona virus disease or COVID-19 Pandemic has indeed caused tragedy to a lot of lives – affecting not only people’s health but even the nation’s economy, education of the youth, the welfare of the less fortunate, and the future we were looking forward to. But the greater story is – our nation is continuously winning the fight.

Across the nation, we have witnessed the stories of generosity and camaraderie – driving people, regardless of the economic strata where they belong, to make even the smallest ways and manifestations of giving. From health kit and relief distribution to unitedly praying for the lives at risk, our nation is indeed showing its softness behind its boldness. We are again reminded that nothing as small and lethal as the corona virus can beat heart as big as ours.

The willingness of our medical practitioners and other front liners to place their lives at risk is an evidence that their service is beyond compare. The eagerness to help shown by each and every Filipino is indeed uplifting everyone’s morale amidst this crisis. Each of this helping hand binds this community into one family.

Resilience is never new to us. A farmer becomes resilient just as how their coconuts to stand every time a strong wind attempts to blow them down. The everyday struggle of searching for a living makes the workers even more resilient. Resilience is in the heart of a mother who wants nothing but to provide the needs of her children. Didn’t our everyday struggles prepare us for this greater battle?

Realizing these, I am comforted that though I am behind these bars, I am still one with this family in fighting against this worldwide dilemma. Not these bars and cornered walls can hinder our prayers from reaching our Almighty God. Not as dwarf as this trial can break the fighting spirit of the persons currently deprived of liberty.

Resilience is never the absence of tears and fears. It is not even the absence of death and doubts. Resilience is the presence of faith that something great lies ahead.

Today may be one of the darkest days of our lives but just like how a family waits for the dawn, together we will see the light of day.

Frenchie Mae Cumpio, PDL, Tacloban City Jail Female Dorm


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