2021 National Women’s Month: BJMP Regional Office 8 Joins Juana’s Cause!

Women's Month 2021

Michelle Obama once said, “There is no limit to what we, as a woman, can do.” The truth in this declaration will remain timeless, for women’s capabilities, accomplishments and power are definitely limitless. Through time and in whatever circumstances, women’s excellence will always thrive and effortlessly shine. You hand her a seed; she will bear you a fruit. You open a door for her; she will trail ablaze and light an entire castle.

Every year, the BJMP Regional Office 8 pays tribute to the lives and contributions of women in history, who paved the way to many developmental changes and rights which several are privileged to already experience today. However, this year’s celebration is made special with several activities proudly accomplished even in the face of a pandemic. With the theme “We Make Change Work for Women. Juana sa Pandemya: Kaya!”, the BJMP Regional Office with the massive support from the Regional Director of the Jail Bureau, has made this month-long celebration meaningful and memorable.

Launching of the International Women’s Day and National Women’s Month

On March 8, 2021, the BJMP Regional Office 8 joins the world in celebrating women and their cause. A program was organized wherein women of caliber and power, proud members of the Regional Office VIII, gave inspirational messages and shared their stories of empowerment to pay tribute with other women. Indeed, a truly empowered woman is one who empowers another woman.

Purple Mondays

The Purple Mondays is only one of the many planned and scheduled activities of this office to celebrate women and all of the great things that comes along with being a woman. The Regional Director of the Jail Bureau initiated the production of purple t-shirts with names of each personnel in the Regional Office – a small way to show immense value to the celebration.

Purple Mondays seeks to celebrate how women empowerment and gender equality have reached so far and how greater number of communities are giving higher regard and value to these social issues.

Information Drive on EO No. 70 ELCAC

A significant increase on the number of women joining terrorists’ groups are being recorded in the present times. As women of public service, BJMPR8 female personnel possesses the duty to join the government in ending this alarming phenomenon which affects and might continue to affect a larger number of women. Hence, spearheaded by the women of BJMP Regional Office 8 an information drive on EO No. 70 Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC). The information drive was graced by a distinguished personnel from the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency Regional 8 (NICA R8) who gave an overview of the terrorists’ groups and how to combat its proliferation.

All these activities would not have been a massive success without the incredible support from the Regional Director of the Jail Bureau and the wholehearted assistance of the Regional Office 8 personnel. In this celebration we also pay tribute to men who serve as fellow advocates in advancing women’s cause. Happy Women’s Month!

Coastal Clean-up Drive

As part of the launching of the women’s month celebration, a coastal clean-up drive was conducted which was participated by 18 Regional Office personnel and 27 Jail Officer Trainees held at Aloha Red Beach Resort, Brgy. Baras, Palo, Leyte. Women’s month celebration will be less successful without raising environmental awareness as part of its advocacies.

Juana offers life: Bloodletting Activity

The bloodletting activity was participated by different agencies from PNP, BFP and other private individuals. The activity was part of the observance of the National Women’s Month Celebration for the purpose of alleviating the need and lack of blood donors due to the pandemic.


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