The BJMP Ambassadress of Goodwill Visits Eastern Visayas

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BJMP Ambassadress

Once you visit Eastern Visayas, you shall return! Coz we want our tourists to feel that nostalgia upon leaving. Since Region 8 has so many to offer, you might consider Eastern Visayas in your itinerary and the BJMP beauties can attest to that!

M/V Eva Jocelyn Yolanda Memorial Marker, Anibong, Tacloban City
M/V Eva Jocelyn Yolanda Memorial Marker, Anibong, Tacloban City

It’s been an honor to be a chosen place for our stunning ladies in their advocacy in promoting the good name of the jail bureau. Well, were just lucky to be visited by sixteen (16) BJMP Ambassadress of Goodwill helping the Community Relations Service (CRS) be a friendly neighborhood in the community. What’s in this visit? What’s the purpose? So, here are the highlights of their three (3) day visit, last 11-13 November 2018:

Maupay na Pag-abot (Maligayang Pagdating) 

Upon arrival, they were welcomed by this office thru a welcome dinner held at the Regional Office 8 savoring mouth watery meals known to region. Also, a quick tour of the city night life in the heart of Tacloban City, a hospitable gesture of the region for such a purposeful visit.

Tacloban Here We Come

A fresh way to start the day is to explore the city wonders and these ladies were lucky enough to visit one of the regions pride, the San Juanico Bridge the longest bridge in the country connecting the islands of Leyte and Samar. Of course, it never failed to amuse them thru their posted selfies and groupies in their social media accounts. The beauties, via a quick tour, also witnessed the famous McArthur Park, Tacloban City Hall and the Santo Niño Shrine.

See You VSU!

Visayas State University, Tolosa Campus is home to thousands of college students and is a perfect institution for our beauties in promoting the BJMP and guide students especially the  aspiring Criminology to consider Jail Officer as their future career. Their first official itinerary last 12 November 2018 was remarkable, seeing our ambassadress driven to convince our hopefuls be a part of the growing BJMP family. Much more highlighting the Jail Officer 1 qualifications and its recruitment process, and compensation awaiting. Students were oriented how several professionals composed the bureau and it’s not only about safekeeping but a lot of developments and change we brought to our Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL). The activity served its purpose in allowing the audience appreciate BJMP and to consider this profession a noble choice.

Give a Book Project

In their advocacy supporting education behind bars, they paid a visit to PDL of Tacloban City Jail Male and Female Dormitory in the afternoon of 12 November 2018. Thru the support of the Sierra Falcones (NGO), the ambassadress distributed several informative books needed for their ALS program and additional resources for the PDL mini library. This will give our PDL more access to reading materials which is beneficial in enhancing their reading and even writing skills.

Kalanggaman Island Feels

It’s time to favor the wanderlust! For the stunning ladies were eager to explore the Kalanggaman Island feels of Palompon, Leyte. A two-hour ride from the city and an hour boat ride from the municipality there awaits its famous white sand beach with its prestige long snowy sand bar. It’s the perfect retreat for a long day of purposeful advocacy. Despite the long busy day, it didn’t restrain their vibes in enjoying the long island nightlife where socials were prepared for them complimenting the island getaway.

As the splendid sunrise says hello, it’s time for the ladies to give the island a makeover thru the coastal clean-up activity. Picking trash and dried leaves immersing ones’ foot to the soothing waters of the island inviting one’s fatigued body to take a swim. And the swimming happened in a jiffy enjoying the fresh view of the island prior leaving.

Feeding and Gift Giving

In the afternoon of 13 November 2018, all ladies were set for the gift giving and feeding program held at Lake Danao Elementary School and Cambantog Primary School, Ormoc City. It was in partnership with the Kiwanis Club catering 275 pupils of the said school and the Ormoc City Jail management thru J/SUPT RILL F SONON, City Jail Warden. It’s a heartwarming experience for all our ladies sharing the love and experienced first-hand charity.

Lunch by the Lake

Ormoc City’s pride, the Lake Danao Natural Park is a guitar shaped lake covering an area of 148 hectares. Nature lovers will surely be captivated by with its green sceneries and surely and appetizing view perfect for the lunch time.  It surely an exciting meal in the middle of the lake via the floating cottages relishing served appealing meals all prepared for our gorgeous ladies to savor.

You Shall Return

It’s always hard to say goodbye but it’s exciting to think your way back in. Truly an amazing experience shared to us by our lovely ambassadress and surely they too have their own story to tell upon leaving. Here in Eastern Visayas we love to say that you shall return upon visiting our humble place, and it’s one of our promises once you have a taste of the Waraynon vibes. Hence, its quiet sentimental to say goodbye to our ladies upon leaving by the Ormoc City Pier, Ormoc City last 13 November 2018.  

This rare adventure was made possible thru the generous support of our Regional Director of the Jail Bureau, J/SSUPT FELIXBERTO S JAGORIN JR, DSC with the active support of the Community Relations Service (CRS) thru SJO4 FE REYNALDA A CHAN. Moreover, with the untiring behind the scenes support of Jail Wardens/Wardresses, Regional Office and Unit personnel. This was another history unfolded showcasing ecotourism and at the same time promoting the good name of the jail bureau bringing closer to the community.


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