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Charity begins at home where we learn how to extend help to those in need and value the morals of giving and sharing. Not all who give are blessed and not all blessed gives. Seldom are those people who willingly help others without expecting in return, and I’m so honored I’ve met one.

JO3 Rey C Cabalhin and JO1 Charisse Mhey C Marabe distributing school supplies to students.

I have known JO3 Rey C Cabalhin, Operations Division Clerk, Regional Office 8 shortly, and felt his genuine care for others and dedication to work. Hence, the gift giving he annually conducts was not an surprising act on his part. Knowing his intentions, I and JO1 Charisse Mhey C Marabe of the same office eagerly offered to participate in his annual philanthropic affair with coordination from the CRS Division. So it came a reality last 25 July 2018 at his local hometown at the Municipality of Calubian, Leyte, a two-hour ride from our office. We first proceeded to Brgy. Espinosa Daycare Center meeting twenty-three pupils eagerly waiting for their presents such as the coloring and drawing books for fun learning and creativity. Witnessing candid smiles as they received such gifts, lifts the heart encouraging us to the same. No need to express gratitude for its obvious in their expression. Thereafter, we then proceeded to the Calubian South Central School where sir Rey spent his elementary years. Amazed by their welcoming smiles, fifty pupils from selected Grade 5 level were given sturdy school bags assisted by its school teachers and Mrs. Artela Fajardo Alexander, School Principal. It felt lighter knowing we helped someone, much more of sir Rey who spent wholeheartedly for this rare event without expecting in return. Still astounded, I asked him upon leaving why he does this annually? “I spent schooling using plastic bags just to go to school, it felt uneasy and made commitment to help others given the opportunity. I don’t want them to experience the way I did”, he simply said. Lucky enough are those pupils who will now go to school with tough bags for their weekday use.

I don’t want them to experience the way I did

JO3 Rey C Cabalhin

Such generosity to him is innate, a rare character I see to a person. Its inspiring to emulate such acts giving back to places or persons who made you what you are today. So fortunate I was there witnessing first hand selfless charity. Hoping that this act inspires others in their own simple way of helping the needy without reservation.


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