Social Media Amid Pandemic

    Social media and coronavirus

    The coronavirus is a global health emergency that brought several implications to countries affected and brought massive healthcare issues, economic and social unrest to some parts of the world. Several sectors had been devastated by this contagion and others may seem hopeless of whats ahead this crisis. The death toll continues to rise and the affected are discriminated by society. It seems that the after-effects of this disease are more gruesome than the infection itself. Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) proved to be deadly among vulnerable groups and its infectious rate is something to be alarmed of.

    In the Philippines, the 34,000 cases and counting seem to challenge our healthcare delivery system and growing 3,000 medical practitioners are now infected. The government had been in constant support to aid our frontliners and the people affected but seems difficult to cope up with the multisectoral ill-effects of the disease. The call for a better approach in the containment and control of the disease spread seems to be louder as cases continue to surge.

    Despite these consequences, a lot had been observed testing the resilience of the Filipino people surely finding the light into this dark phase. Commonly observed in the social media platform the surge of online business which made trades and purchases more accessible to potential buyers. It did help those who had been unemployed in earning a living thus sustaining their basic needs. A lot of employed individuals are into this business too. If you’re not familiar with barter, this had been a new way to replace your unused product or item to those who need it in exchange of goods you prefer. This had also been a way to help needy people thru various goods provided without items in return. Another past time people tend to unload burden and divert worries is the Tiktok application. It’s a big hit in the country where you can watch entertaining videos and create your own content for others to heart react and share. Also, concerns and in need people are given attention and help by netizens thru Facebook, a modern bayanihan in the middle of the current health crisis.

    Recently, the jail bureau conducted its RTC or Rehiyon Otso Tiktok Challenge as one of the mental health therapeutic approaches in unloading personnel burden due to lockdown situation. This gained support from the jail units and surely J/CSUPT EDWIN B RIEL, DSC, gave cash prizes to the winners. Social media today is of great influence to people’s daily routines and dealings. One cannot hold his urge to peek his/her social media accounts for a day. The jail bureau used this platform to its favor reaching our personnel amid crisis.

    Social media is in the priority list in most people since easy communication and entertainment are its most important feature. In jails, this had been a big help in realizing the E-dalaw where our PDL can see their loved one’s via video call. An important tool in helping our clientele get in touch with their close relatives amid the suspension of visiting privilege.


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