TCJFD Celebrates National Women’s Month: MABUHAY ANG BAWAT JUANA!

TCJFD Community Outreach

BABAE ANG GALING MO! Tacloban City Jail Female Dorm has once again showed us the infinite capabilities women can possess and offer. On behalf of the women in this industry, TCJFD has been building a pedestal of excellence for everyone to see and soak up; that we women are leaders of change and development. In celebration of the National Women’s Month with the theme: “We Make Change Work for Women. Juana sa Pandemya: Kaya!”, TCJFD went beyond the usual and successfully conducted activities in relation to the celebration. With the initiative of the Jail Warden, a woman of power herself, JINSP FE REYNALDA CHAN, these activities were made possible coupled with the massive support from the women-dominated personnel of TCJFD and the overwhelming guidance from the Regional Director of the Jail Bureau.


On March 04, 2021, a Vision and Hearing Screening, one of the firsts ever conducted in the jail unit, was made possible through coordination with the Non-Communicable Prevention and Control Unit, Prevention of Blindness Program of the Department of Health Eastern Visayas and Inclusive Eye Health Cluster, and the EYE HEAR FOUNDATION, INC. The activity was absolutely a feat for it benefitted thirty-eight (38) PDLs and eleven (11) BJMP personnel of TCJFD and eleven (11) personnel of BJMP Regional Office VIII. All these beneficiaries will receive eyeglasses free of charge – WOW! What a remarkable kick-starter for this celebration.


The month-long celebration is just getting started for TCJFD. On March 8, 2021, female personnel from TCJFD and RO8 underwent Firearms Proficiency Training. A total of fifteen (15) female personnel participated in the activity. The training wouldn’t have transpired without the assistance of the skilled members of the STAR Team who are trained experts on the field.  In the activity, not only were shots fired but more importantly, skills and proficiency in firearms handling were acquired. The success of this activity shows that no complicated and dangerous job or skill commonly interpreted as a man’s own can be too hard or impossible for a woman to own as well. Besides, the saying remains true: “Women weren’t created to do everything a man can do, but they were created to do everything a man cannot do”.


A total of twenty-five (25) female Persons Deprived of Liberty, twenty-one (21) Regional Office personnel, and eighteen (18) TCJFD personnel underwent Random Drug Testing thru coordination of TCJFD with PDEA who facilitated the testing. Results yielded negative and shall be interpreted as no presence of drug use among personnel and PDL. Our personnel remain to adhere with the government’s long-time pursuit against drugs. TCJFD aims to be a role model to all women in different communities, in all levels and ages, that drugs is not the answer but it only yields a bigger problem to one’s self, to one’s loved ones, and to one’s community.


On March 18, 2021, TCJFD personnel went to the streets of Downtown Area, Tacloban City and handed food packs to street dwellers who have no own place to stay and a family to go to especially in this pandemic. The personnel most specifically helped elderly individuals they saw in the streets. Every month, TCJFD would schedule a day to do charity feeding to our less fortunate individuals, but this month was definitely made extra special in celebration with the national women’s month.


In this month’s celebration, TCJFD pays extra regard to the environment’s well-being. They acknowledge that no social cause is a success or relevant if the earth on the side is withering out. On March 18, 2021, a Coastal Clean-up Drive held in Balyuan Tower, Magsaysay Boulevard, Tacloban City by personnel and trainees from TCJFD. It is always a humble experience to be able to contribute change for mother nature.


On March 23, 2021, a TB Mass Screening thru a Mobile XRAY examination was provided to PDL and personnel of TCJFD. Ten (10) personnel and thirty-three (33) PDL from Tacloban City Jail Female Dormitory benefitted from the activity which was in partnership with the DOH – National TB Control Program, Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), Divine Rays DMS and Tacloban City Health Office TB DOTS. This activity is part of the women’s month celebration for health is also part of women’s capital hence a definite priority.

The world is burdened with a lot of chaos in this time, but with women all over the world blazing trails in every step, the burden definitely gets lighter by the day. For where there are women, magic happens. Truly, the magic lies in the hands of TCJFD’s female personnel who continues to spread love, charity, and positive change thru their various endeavors. Mabuhay ang bawat Juana!


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