Load for L.O.D.I

Load for Lodi

Load For L.O.D.I. Laudable Officers Duty Inside jail

“Keeping you safe while staying connected”

While most people is at the comfort of their homes, we have our courageous jail officers who long to be at home with their families but had to make sacrifices beyond their call of duty.

The BJMP implemented an absolute lockdown of jail facilities, an emergency measure which temporarily prevented our jail personnel from entering or leaving the jail and its premises during the threat of the COVID-19 contagion. Thus, each jail with the BJMP Otso workforce were divided into two teams; Active duty personnel/ Team Loob (posted inside the jail) and the Jail Covid Response Team/ Team Labas (outside duty).

As the number of cases in the country soared to more than 20,000 amidst community quarantine ordered by the government, experts suggest its extension will help flatten the epidemic curve. This situation connotes an anticipated extension of our jail lockdown.

For most of our personnel, the situation is indeed stressful and and not being able to seek the comfort of others most especially our families, adds to the level of stress and anxiety already caused by the crisis. But staying away doesn’t mean losing contact. We can still try to stay connected through calls, texts, emails and other virtual means. These alternative ways of remaining in contact can contribute to a sense of togetherness.

With that in mind, the Regional Director of the Jail Bureau BJMP 8, JCSUPT EDWIN B RIEL created a program that would greatly benefit our inside duty personnel. Said program was tagged as, Load for L.O.D.I (Laudable Officers Duty Inside jail) having the theme “Keeping you safe while staying connected”. Personal contact numbers of Team Loob personnel were provided with Php 100.00 worth of electronic load. This as a humble gesture of support of RD RIEL for our personnel who put their lives on hold to care for our clientele (PDL). They are indeed our “LODI” (a coined Filipino slang which means someone you look up to, a reverse form of the word IDOL). Through this, our personnel can keep in touch with their loved ones from afar, while in the performance of their duties in keeping our clientele, personnel and the community safe.

Undeniably, our current situation feels new, unbelievable and overwhelming. It’s as if we have walked into an old recurring dream. No one can predict the future as we cannot see our enemy. What we can do is just focus with what we have.

“More than ever, our personnel needs our unceasing support. The impact of our programs in this time of crisis is our guiding focus and we will work together collaboratively and selflessly in the pursuit of our goal for a COVID-19 free facility. We will take actions based on what is best for our personnel, our workforce, not just for our clientele or for ourselves.”, JCSUPT EDWIN B RIEL.


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