Tech4Ed Project: BJMP-DICT MOA Signing

DICT-BJMP Tech4Ed MOA Signing

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology acknowledges the importance of external support from other agencies in the attainment of the Bureau’s mission. Hence, the Region greatly value every rapport it can establish for the benefit of its clientele, the Persons Deprived of Liberty. On 21 March 2019, another vital relationship has been established thru the initiative of the Regional Director of the Jail Bureau, JCSUPT EDWIN BADILLA RIEL, DSC who lead the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between the BJMPRO VIII and the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). This partnership aims to build a strong collaboration in promoting PDL development using information and communications technology. The BJMPRO VIII deemed this advancement necessary so that this office will be kept abreast of the ever-growing technological developments which may be used in the management’s advantage and in intensifying PDL rehabilitation measures.

The DICT commits to allow BJMPRO VIII in the free use of DICT’s platform, solutions, technology, and brand of the former’s Tech4ED Project subject to the adherence to minimum requirements of the law. The Tech4ED Project of DICT aims to bridge the digital and education divide through providing information technology education to individuals and communities. With this collaboration, the DICT will provide appropriate skills training and orientation to all ICT Officers of BJMPRO VIII which shall later form as the BJMPRO VIII’s Tech4Ed Project Team. After the completion of the skills training, BJMPRO VIII shall provide a space in the jail units for the Tech4Ed Project which shall provide educational assistance to PDL on the various offline services under web development, graphic design and the likes. More importantly, the parties committed to provide released Persons Deprived of Liberty, who successfully completed the required training and education pursuant to the MOA, the necessary assistance through continuous education or training and/or referrals for employment to help them one again belong to the mainstream of society.


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