Father’s Day Goes Viral

Father's Day

Yes, you’ve read it right, both literal and idiomatic. As I recall in the previous year’s Father’s Day seems an ordinary day and few celebrated this day. I myself had been busy readying a surprise for my father like I was preparing for a grand birthday celebration.

Father’s Day had been a big hit this year as evidence to enormous posts of most netizens in their social media. Several posted photos of their great fathers’ sacrifice and the love for their family quiet flooded every Facebook timeline. It lifts the heart especially among fathers out there seeing their children expressing affection and love in social media. Hoping that these emotions are more expressed offline and in their homes.

Many of my colleagues in the jail bureau had also been seen in their social media accounts on how their children expressed love for their great fathers. However this time more on home setting due to the recent contagion. A family gathering suits a well deserved day giving appreciation to our amazing fathers in the jail bureau. But many are also in their sworn duties during this day fathering our clientele, ensuring public safety first above all.

The current COVID-19 threat is getting nearer to our jail facilities considering the upsurge of cases in Eastern Visayas. Protecting our children at all costs is like safeguarding our PDL from this disease. The way we protect our sons and daughters is reflected in how we handle them in a way we prevent them from getting the virus. Much had been done for our children (PDL in this case) to protect them to the best we can go beyond what protocol dictates for their benefits. This is how our fathers (Jail Officers) do care for their beloved kids (PDL).

The viral outbreak will not halt our fathers from protecting their children, proving we can be fathers to all who we care.


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