A Handshake of Acceptance To The Uniformed Service

JCSUPT RIEL and his staff congratulates the newly appointed JO1s by giving handshakes.
JCSUPT RIEL and his staff congratulates the newly appointed JO1s by giving handshakes.

After the long-hurdled journey from the recruitment process that took place from January to June this year, finally on July 1, 2019, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology Regional Office VIII welcomes forty-seven (47) young aspirants into the culture of Jail Service. The nationwide simultaneous ceremonial oath-taking of the newly appointed Jail Officers 1 for the Regular Quota of Calendar year 2019 was witnessed by the proud family, friends and loved ones of these hopefuls who were once challenged to surpass their struggles in life in becoming members of this unique organization. The Regional Director of the Jail Bureau, J/CSUPT EDWIN B RIEL, DSC led in the oath-taking rite. Meanwhile, in his message, he underscores the relevance of the Jail Bureau in society. Its very essence especially in the fulfillment of its mandates, and the role of the Jail Officers as change agents in the holistic development of Persons Deprived of Liberty for their successful reintegration to the society.

On the other hand, a welcome handshake symbolizing the acceptance of responsibility as Jail Officers was initiated by the Regional Director himself along with his staff and the regional office personnel. This handshake also signifies that as uniformed personnel, we genuinely embrace public welfare over self-interest.
One must be proud of his chosen profession for not all are privileged to go through this meaningful handshake. One must have endured sacrifice, motivation, and passion before achieving his/her goals.


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