Moving Up The Ladder


The last chapter in the region’s gallery of accomplishments for the year 2019 has been highlighted by the promotion of Fifty-four (54) Jail Non-Officer Ranks as they receive the most rewarding part of their milestone in the jail service last December 16, 2019. During the ceremonial donning of ranks and oathtaking ceremony of this newly promoted personnel, the Regional Director of the Jail Bureau, J/CSUPT EDWIN BADILLA RIEL, DSC, stressed out that their promotion is the result of the trust and confidence that the appointing authority or the head of the agency has accorded them. They must show to the public and the clienteles that they are worthy of the call of promotion not just by the rank but by the responsibility it corresponds.

Meanwhile, these fifty- four (54) personnel who advances on their new rank position has been composed of: four (4) Senior Jail Officer IV, three (3) Senior Jail Officer III, three (3) Senior Jail II, seven (7) Senior Jail Officer I, seventeen (17) Jail Officer III, and twenty (20) Jail Officer II. All of them underwent the different promotional processes conducted from August to the 1st week of December this year.

This promotion has been considered as a token granted to personnel who truly waits for that thing to happen at the right time.


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