Our Snappiest Salute To 2019 And To New Authority!

New Year's Call 2019
"A handshake and a salute to more undertakings unfolding this 2019" JSUPT MANUEL O CHAN JR, City Jail Warden and JCSUPT EDWIN B RIEL, Regional Director of the Jail Bureau offered each other a symbolic handshake of commitment for the jail bureau.

Let’s welcome the year with our snappiest salute! 2018 had been a great year for the bureau, and 2019 is an anticipated year to many undertakings unfolding.

New Year's Call 2019

The New Year’s Call is the annual gathering of BJMP Personnel. “A military tradition of calling on the commander to express their gratitude for the past year’s achievement and to confirm this year’s commitment to the flag and to the country.” Welcoming the year with our new Regional Director of the Jail Bureau, J/CSUPT EDWIN B RIEL, DSC lifts the heart aimed for better jail management under the new authority. Conducted last 21 January 2019, all Regional Office personnel, Provincial Jail Administrators, and Jail Wardens regionwide gathered at the BJMP Regional Office VIII, Brgy. Guindapunan, Palo, Leyte for the annual tradition.

This also marked the 4th Quarter 2018 Management Conference held at Felipina Hall, NEDA Regional Office VIII, Brgy. Candahug, Palo, Leyte.  J/CSUPT RIEL conducted queries on different issues and concerns of all jails in security, manpower, and logistics to name a few. A participative discussion transpired addressing jail needs at the regional level, identifying solutions to concerns raised by Jail Wardens. “I want you to do your job, do it good and do it well,” said J/CSUPT RIEL in one of his talking points. His aim was clear, for the BJMP Region VIII be on the right track and to come up new best practices for the jails to undertake. A manifestation of his fervent passion for a better region under his watch. 

New Year's Call 2019

Giving due recognition for the previous quarter accomplishments, certificates were awarded to top-performing jails and personnel in different jail functions. A display of gratitude for others to emulate, acknowledging the jail units’ hard work to many accomplishments.

2019 has just started and it is with much anticipation geared towards achieving the target, setting the BJMP Region VIII at the pinnacle of success.


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