The role of Jail Wardens is vital to the overall safety and security of jails, hence knowledge on jail management and planning of jail security measures must be undertaken by them.

In jail setting, what’s best for our jail wardens to do, is to equip every jail unit with a concrete security plan, based on the current manpower and jail capability. This Security Management Seminar/Workshop for Responsible, Innovative, Efficient, Good Leader (RIEL) Jail Wardens, is one of the prime programs of the current Regional Director of the Jail Bureau, J/CSUPT EDWIN B RIEL, which is very relevant in our jail management. Security matters a lot, and failure to observe the same is detrimental to self, others and to public safety in general. Hence, it was held last 06-07 March 2019 at the BJMP Regional Office VIII building, attended by all Jail Wardens regionwide aimed at formulating a jail based policy suited to their jail capabilities.

“Jail Security is everybody’s concern and we must be always vigilant” said J/SUPT BENEDICTO C CATUDIO JR, Assistant Regional Director for Operations in his opening remarks. Therefore, to guide participants in formulating their policies, several inputs had been discussed by regional office personnel, such as SOP’s in the custodial and escorting procedures (J/SINSP BAQUILOD, Chief Operations Division); CSC-MC No. 01, series of 2017 on Reiteration of the Policy on Government Office Hours; and the Administrative Offenses of Frequent Unauthorized Absences (Habitual Absenteeism); Tardiness in Reporting for Duty; and Loafing from Duty during Regular Office Hours (J/SINSP MALHABOUR, OIC Legal Service); Dynamic Security (J/CSUPT RIEL, Regional Director of the Jail Bureau); Utilization of Personnel & Formulating a duty detail based on current jail facility and manpower (JO3 Cabalhin, Chief, Operations Clerk); Procedure of Investigation in Jails (SJO1 Cabojoc, Clerk, RIPD); and Identifying Jail Security Weaknesses (JO2 Corton, Clerk, RID). Then followed by workshops on the next day focusing on formulating an effective duty detail, daily jail activities and jail based internal security policy.  Two (2) groups presented their outputs to the panelist composing the command group and division chiefs citing areas needing correction and friendly remarks.

As a manifestation of their strong support in ensuring a disturbance free jail facility, a covenant signing of pledge of commitment ensued as symbolism of their commitment in the public service. Dressed in their R.I.E.L T-shirts, all were gathered for this activity aimed for a disturbance free workplace thru intensive and reliable leadership. All were able to complete the necessary requirements receiving their certificate of completion for a job well done. “Be a responsible, innovative, efficient and a good leader Jail Warden”, said J/CSUPT RIEL in his closing remarks, reminding JWs to be extra vigilant and create a legacy in their respective jails thru innovations and best practices.

This activity reminded me of this quote by Paul Bear Bryant; “It’s not the will to win that matters- everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” Jail setting is not an easy workplace, for we deal with outlaws and some with ill-intent to cause chaos. Hence, it is necessary to prepare personnel and jail capabilities, because public safety is at stake and that’s our job!

Be a responsible, innovative, efficient and a good leader Jail Warden



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