Are you a Jail Guard?

Hey, we are Jail Officers!

Jail Officers

Several times we heard this label as we embody ourselves to the jail service. In the media, citizens, netizens and even our friends, we in the BJMP seem quiet disappointed about this mistaken tag.  Well, in my opinion, if called that way, I will tell you; “Hey, we are Jail Officers!”

But what really is the term Jail Guard? Have you taken the time to search for it? Upon searching the google, I find it hard to find meaning of this term. It isn’t an existing accepted noun in the virtual library. Even the term prison guard doesn’t consider jail guard its closest synonym according to So where did the term Jail Guard existed?

In my own way of recall, I heard this term from the media, before I entered the bureau. Even in my school days, I was calling Jail Guards before, referring to the men in the jail service. I asked someone their understanding of this term, “taga-bantay ng preso, even described physically as lousy poised big-bellied person just instructing errands to prisoner” How awful the term connotes! Others in their opinion said are those working in the prison facilities without formal trainings and are unprofessional. I was not shocked about those remarks, since the mainstream media were misled and portrayed the work of those in jail facilities as unmannered, and corrupt in their field. Even I myself fell into this trap before.

So what could we do about this? Are we just tolerant on this wrong notion about us? Several times we are called by this term and we simply let it fly into thin air. Well, there’s no wrong administratively if we simply let it pass, but morally I guess we have that responsibility to educate the public about our chosen profession. Our little way of bringing the good name of the jail bureau, and I know you will agree on this, that it is harmonic to hear Jail Officer than Jail Guard.

Well, in my opinion if called that way, I will tell you; “Hey, we are Jail Officers!”

Hearing Jail Guard in the mainstream media crumples the heart, for we know we deserve better. Hence as Jail Officers we should let the public know the right label, for we work hard for it. It’s our bread and butter! It’s what we provide for our family! The fruit of our sweat and tears! See? I have no intentions for you to literally scream off the road of who we really are. It’s more on how we project ourselves and let someone know in our everyday chitchats with friends, or someone who just said Jail Guard and say hey, we are Jail Officers!

So, are you a Jail Guard?



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