I Love Bullying, But From Now On, I Wont.

bullied child

Yes, you heard it right. I love bullying. I used to bully people, my friends, my enemies, my siblings. In fact, I often do it because I feel so alive. I feel I’m better. It boosts my self-confidence. Yes I’m small, and my height fails to make me happy. But because of bullying I feel that I am taller than those I bully. Because of bullying I feel better. Yes you heard it right, I love bullying.

As time goes by, I see my friends, people around me, persons important to me alleviate their attention from me. It pains me but I need to be strong. I am better, I still continue what makes me happy. Indeed if I bully not the people around me they wont see how I am better than them. I need to be on top in order for me to be noticed, to be the best, to be what I want to be – to be perfect.

Yet contrary to my expectations, I feel so alone. Yes I feel better but it is as if there is nobody for me to be with. That the time I feel dejected. I feel lonely, dejected and desolate. I noticed the anomaly of what I have been doing. Since the time I have been feeling better to those people around me, they have started averting their attention to me. Yes I love bullying but I also realized something – it is but lonely to be alone in this journey.

I still remember the days when I was truly happy. I still have my friends being happy. That was the time when I was not lonely. That was the time when everything’s feels better than what I have today. Yes I love bullying but something is not right. I want to be truly happy. That is being back together with my friends, my siblings, my loved ones. I did not realize I was already hurting them. I did not expected them that they would started going away from me because i was already hurting them. Yes i love bullying but i love my friends better. I need to end this. I need to be better. I need my loved ones back. So from now on, I will stop my madness. I will love them and not hurt them.

Let us spread love, not hate. Peace not war. Friends rather than bully. Do not let your loved ones go away from you. Do not do things that will end up having them lost from your side. Yes I may be selfish but my loved one is better than being selfish. Yes I love bullying, but from now on I won’t.


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