Countering Vehicle Ambush & Escorting Services Management


Movement and transfer of High Risk and High Profile PDL is a crucial part of our profession, ensuring a safe transit to and from the court and other authorized areas. Escort personnel are expected to carry out this mandate as mandated by the bureau and in compliance with court orders.

Escorting functions especially High Risk and High Profile of PDL takes a lot of precaution from boarding the BTV, while in transit, upon arrival and leaving the court and back to the jail premises. Intelligence gathering must be conducted to any rescue and ambush attacks by their cohorts and enemies. Hence, it is essential that all personnel performing such operation are equipped with basic and advance skills in managing such scenario. Several times that our personnel were put in that situation leading to injuries and casualties. Therefore, proper training for quick response is essential to all escort personnel in mitigating and containing the situation. Swift decisive actions are needed to avoid or lessen injury and/or casualties. Further, offensive and defensive actions must be undertaken by them when faced with such crisis.

To mitigate any related untoward incident in the transfer and movement of High Risk and High Profile PDL, all escort personnel must be trained on offensive and defensive tactics. Proper training will allow them to act swiftly and other coordinated actions necessary to survive the attack. In cases of injury and casualty, participants shall be able to weigh the situation and save lives of associates needing first aid. Also, coordination with the intelligence community must be discussed as one of the basis in the route of their transit as ordered by authorized office.

Following health protocol, Countering Vehicle Ambush and Escorting Services Management was held last 21 and 22 November 2020. Participated by STAR Team, escort members and BTV drivers in the escorting functions, all were joined to partake in the discussion, simulation and dry fire exercises. BTV drivers maneuvered different techniques in driving in countering assault and facilitate escape from any attacks, while escorting members on offensive tactics doing return fire in case of ambush scenario. All were rated individually and as a team.

J/SINSP FERDINAND O TORENO, Chief, Operations Division emphasized the need for our personnel to be equipped with skills that will save them from this kind of assault. Better be prepared than caught off guard at our lives expense. We are on risky job and preparedness matters that will help us protect our PDL and ourselves.


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