CRS in Advance Media Relations

CRS Seminar

How prepared are you when faced with media interview either on a radio or in a television? How are you to say something when you know your statement will reflect your organization? How are you to write an interesting article?

Facing the media is like presenting your thesis to the panelist, it’s a nerve-racking experience to deal with. But, media are your indispensable allies as Mr. Aaron J.P. Almadro said in one of his discussions. You need to break barriers and build confidence in spreading the good name of the bureau thru media mileage.

Mr. Ronald O. Reyes

Hence, all unit CRS with the jail wardens and some regional office personnel gathered for this opportune time at Ritz Tower de Leyte, Tacloban City last September 20, 2018. Mr. Ronald O. Reyes and Mr. Aaron J.P. Almadro discussed tips on article writing and several ways of writing them. “Posterity and mileage, we want our stories to be there (publications) forever”, said Mr. Reyes. To make your articles more interesting, they gave us four tips in crafting an interesting article and it’s really a convenient tip just the way we need it.

Mr. Aaron J.P. Almadro

Luckily, Mr. Reyes and Mr. Almadro had a short talk with the PASAMWAK editorial staff in further improving our news magazine. Grateful that they appreciated the publication, “it’s better than we expected”, they complimented and offered to be one of our future editors to more publications ahead. We were indeed elated for the generosity expressed by them.

In the afternoon, we were blessed to have with us the BJMP Chief CRS, J/CINSP XAVIER A SOLDA for the media relations. Lucky enough, he shared experiences answering tough questions live on television and radio interviews. “Accuracy is very important, always verify details”, he said in his talk with us. It’s an eye opener, that it is not as easy as talking chit-chat in front of the media, for we give face the bureau thru our statements. He stressed that we should be mindful of our statements especially in winning the media during crisis. He gave us several guidelines thru an effective communication plan and also the bureaus social media policy use that we jail officers should abide.

After all, J/CINSP SOLDA stressed the indispensable role of media in spreading the good name of the bureau. “They are our allies, when given the chance talk with them, talk because you’re missing the opportunity to air our side”, he said.Hence, we give thanks to our Regional OIC-CRS, SJO4 FE REYNALDA A CHAN thru our Regional Director of the Jail Bureau, J/SSUPT FELIXBERTO S JAGORIN JR, DSC for this opportunity.  Indeed, media are our friends and we need to establish good rapport and link with them in reaching the community thru media mileage.


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