Webinar On Operational Reports & Operational Matters

Operations Webinar

Traditional training and seminars especially those requiring workshops are more effective compared to virtual seminars, however, due to the current pandemic, face-to-face activities are barred. This became a challenge to offices on how they are going to conduct such activities wherein participants will learn and the set objectives will be accomplished. Virtual seminars nowadays are considered to be an alternative, a must-have for every organization. Despite all of these challenges faced by each office in conducting activities through virtual, still, the BJMP Region VIII Operations Division successfully carry out their webinar on Operational Reports and Operational Matters held last 21 October 2020. A one-day activity participated by forty-eight (48) Operations JNORS region-wide spearheaded by the Regional Chief Operations JSINSP FERDINAND O TORENO. Several salient topics on routine operational compliances such as daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports and other matters were discussed. A pre-test and post-test were also conducted to assess and evaluate the knowledge and understanding of the participants concerning their assigned duties.

Further, the Operations JNORs assigned in the said division presented various forms and taught the participants the proper method to fill out the same. The activity aims to provide advanced knowledge to the personnel on their respective designation. Also, to enhance their capabilities in making operational reports.

This trying time indeed changed the ways of learning and capability enhancement of our personnel, that is why innovation is necessary. Each office and personnel should adapt to the change as the outbreak continue to unfold. Continuous learning and career development should not be stopped for this will greatly influence our performance as jail officers and in the worst case may affect the jail’s function.


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