Changing Perspective

Changing Perspective

The bureau aims to transform former lawless individuals into a more productive citizen upon their reintegration to society. It’s a challenge every Jail Officers face on how these Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) can be developed into a better version of themselves. Luckily, the bureau adopted several behavioral programs, spiritual, livelihood and other rehabilitation activities hoping for our PDL to grasp change and be productive.

The jail bureau in its newest innovation extends its care even after their incarceration monitoring our PDL within reach about their life after detention. The Calbayog City District Jail paid a visit to one of the previous PDL Mr. Ricky Batulana, charged for Violation of Sec. 28, RA 10591 detained last February 03, 2018, who was released into custody via bail last June 2019. He’s married to Merlie Batulana with 2 children. It was a surprise from her daughter knowing they’re now professionals. He now owns a sari-sari store with good income which supports their daily needs.

“As I walk into the detention, I felt lonely and afraid, but I have to fight for my family”, he said. During detention he went several behavioral programs such as the therapeutic community modality program (TCMP) and several livelihood programs such as gardening, pot making, etc.

“It wasn’t an easy journey, for I have to deal with new community, and abide jail rules and regulations. I have to do something for myself so as to help my family upon my release,” said Batulana. The bureau changed his perspective in dealing with others and value the freedom. It made him realize that he was lucky outside despite difficulties in everyday living. With many programs incorporated by the jail bureau during his detention, he sensed change within and made sure to make most of his life be meaningful and productive. He was longing for his freedom and missed his family. Incarceration made him who he is today, being drawn towards our Almighty Father and value his family more than ever. “I thanked the Calbayog CDJ, management for they give me new hope in starting a new life”. That’s why he started his convenience store and value blessings around him.

Despite incarceration, Mr. Batulana consider himself blessed and used his situation to embrace change with the help of the jail bureau. His daughters were more driven to pursue their studies while he was detained, which he was thankful that all throughout this unfortunate circumstance his family found strength in it.


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