From Detention To Inspiration

Adelina De Guzman Story

Adelina De Guzman

For us, jail officers, who are always guiding and compassionate to our inmate-clienteles, their respective families and love-ones alike, our desire is to witness them tracking the right way from what caused of their incarceration.  Or should I say: converted to a character worthy of respect by the society.

The story of Ms. Adelina de Guzman, a former detainee at Tacloban City Jail- Female Dorm (TCJ-FD) may be lined-up to the tales of many called the “unsung heroes”.  While Ms. De Guzman was confined at TCJ-FD, she developed her skill in wallet knitting, a process of weaving a wallet (or a coin purse) out of discarded “3-in-1” coffee wrappers and similar retailed commodities as raw materials.  Her talent greatly contributed to the proper waste disposal system and recycling of garbage as a nature friendly advocacy.  Her performance while in confinement had been noted by JO2 Mhay L Gayas when she was assigned in TCJ-FD as a lady custodial officer.  Her recognition spread to the few who witnessed her determination of transforming herself from a carefree law violator into a serious hardworking fellow. 

Ms. Adelina de Guzman (in white shirt) demonstrating and giving instruction to a Baybay City Jail female PDL.
Ms. Adelina de Guzman (in white shirt) demonstrating and giving instruction to a Baybay City Jail female PDL.

Exactly one year ago, the then OIC – Jail Warden of Baybay City Jail (BCJ), SJOIV Fe Reynalda A Chan, proposed a training program for wallet making.  The concept envisioned to help diminish the garbage volume being dumped every day.  JO2 Mhay L Gayas, the current IWD Officer of BCJ promptly recommended Ms. Adelina de Guzman, who was then released and peacefully living at Brgy. San Jose, Dulag, Leyte to be the prospective trainor for the workshop.  On August 28, 2018, a one-day Wallet Making Training/Workshop was conducted with initial of Nine (9) PsDL under the instruction of Ms. De Guzman successfully completed and acquired the technical methods.  Her will of imparting her talent and skills to the PsDL and even personnel of Baybay City Jail during the demonstration cited Ms. De Guzman praiseworthy among others.  She is victorious in inspiring people who pursue similar goals.

Today, weaving/manufacturing of wallets is already one of several livelihood projects of Baybay City Jail.  Our PsDL are earning money through marketing the knitted wallets.  Families and relatives of PsDL who come to visit them also brought along empty coffee wrappers as source of raw materials.  Consequently, this venture also helped other household dispose of their trash properly.  Our PsDL are now busy working on income generating activities, an indication of being a productive people while inside our facility.  We owed this significant advancement in our jail system from Ms. Adelina de Guzman.


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