I Am Marjun Lelis

You know what is sad to think of? I think it is growing up old in jail and people starting to forget you. Worse, people might have thought you’ve died already yet they still want you to rot in jail. I am Marjun Lelis, a 30 year old man who was undergoing trial because of a murder case. Yes you heard it right. Im in jail because someone died because of me. Well, sort of but not totally.

My friends call me Junjun. A highschool graduate and worked as a farmer. I have two kids with my sweetheart Jinky. I just lived a normal life until the incident happened. I have been in jail for almost eight (8) years. Personnel and co-PDL come and go in jail but I am still here waiting for the time to see the sunlight without anything to worry about, waiting to work again and to be with my woman in life and kids who are growing up so fast. The time spent inside made my feelings dull and the same time longing for the outside.

I was apprehended because of a complaint for me and my father. I was included in the report when my father killed the father of my second cousin. This was a revenge story when my brother where first killed then our family just retaliated. That is the reason why my father took the initiative to get revenge and flee to manila. However, before my father surrendered to authorities he died because of sickness. I then, received the blow of the case. I am paying the crime of my father.

I was so unaccepting of this situation I am in. I am angry. Who will not be? Atoning for the sins of someone else. The early years in prison is like hell. I am angry not only to everybody but the most was to my father. The darkness of the cell can amplify the emptiness I am in. The cell being crowded, makes me think how ironic life is inside. I live with my co-PDL but feel I am alone and lonely. The length I am here as it eats up my life being alive. I grieved a lot and made me think that this should not happen to me. God knows what I have suffered and hoped that I can be able to live well. In the climax of pain, suffering and loneliness, acceptance dawned on me. It all changed one day when I become open with God. God helped me realize that I should strive for acceptance and change for the better. This may be both a curse and a blessing but now I know it is a lesson I can enlighten others too.

I have a new path im walking in, I began to grow and become complacent. The eight years (8) of stay is no longer a burden but a blessing. Although I still hope to be able to know how it feels to be free again. To breathe the same happiness and freedom outside is a desire and at the same time my reward that I want to give myself of being a good man while I am in custody of BJMP. I am now currently serving my brothers inside and the personnel of BJMP. I am a trustee, a cook, a group leader in my faith in God. God gave me this opportunity to change. I will be better. I will not let Him down with this opportunity to be a better man. I will be better. When the time comes when a person will be choosing the same mistakes that I did back then, I will do my best to keep him away. I would no longer want to see someone wasting his life inside the jail. I will and I must. That is what I see what God wants me to be. I know everything happens for a reason. If this is His will, let this be done.


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