Keep Going

A PDL Transformation Story

“It’s either you treat your mistakes as a failure or wisdom, the choice is yours.” When asked if there is anything you learned from having been once branded as a lawless individual, ex-PDL Carlo de los Santos looked eagerly positive uttering these words. Mr. Carlo de los Santos was charged with the violation of Section 5 & 11, Article II of R.A.  9165 and was detained at Borongan City Jail. Thru the assistance of the Unit Paralegal Officer, he applied for a plea under the plea bargaining law for drug cases or A.M. No. 18-03-16-SC which was granted thereby lowering his penalty. He then applied for probation which was fortunately granted by PPO.

Having been detained for 2 years, 3 months and 20 days, Mr. Carlo de los Santos religiously adhered to the rules and regulations of the Jail Unit. He actively participated in different activities for he understood the purpose of it all – rehabilitation. He was more than eager to spend his time in jail recuperating and rediscovering himself. He was looking forward for his eventual release with a blinding positivity. When that day finally came, he was hopeful.

Now, he is a productive citizen employed as a driver in a food catering business owned by his brother. What is amusing is he also has a part-time business where he offers Massage Therapy thru home service. He is a National Certificate II Holder which he acquired while in detention where he successfully completed the skills training sponsored by TESDA. When he was visited by the Unit WD Officers in his home, Mr. Carlo was very proud sharing his experiences on massage service and how much it helped him on earning a living. According to him, detention has taught him so much experience and positive outlook that nothing is left of him but the drive to keep going by turning his mistakes into wisdom and surrounding himself with people who help you move forward.


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