BJMP 1st PromEx

The first ever synchronized and web-hooked Promotional Examinations (PromEx) nationwide was conducted for JCO’s and JNCO’s last 14 May 2011 and is one of BJMP’s achievements for this year. Its first synchronized PromEx is an indication that the BJMP is now ready to face and accept the challenges of this high technology era. BJMP Region-VIII has its total list of one hundred forty three (143) candidates for examination but only one hundred thirty seven (137) actually took the same.

An orientation briefing was done by the designated regional examiner, J/CINSP MANUEL O CHAN JR to selected personnel who served as proctors. A registration for every examinee was conduct-ed before they were allowed to proceed to their designated rooms of examination. Laptops and internet installations were used at Luntad Elementary School, Palo, Leyte as examination center to provide the NHQ updates before, during and after the conduct of said examination.

The PromEx ended on same day with the sealing of the envelope containing the questionnaires and answer sheets used and unused after being properly accounted. The same were sent back to NHQ thru JRS express delivery.


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